Dear All,

Thank you for joining our first workshop dedicated to exploring the concept of a sacred space. Your participation made the event a sacred space for me and hopefully for you too, especially in these uncertain times. We also hope you enjoyed the delicious cookies and brownies from D’Amato’s Bakery as well as the bagels – for those short on carbohydrates – but we apologize for the shortage of bananas.

On a more serious note, the images you drew for the Art Response activity in response to “What is a sacred space for you?” were stunning and thought provoking, from flowers, water and anime to calligraphy. One person wrote their name as a sacred place, awakening us to the possibility of having sacredness within us wherever we might travel.

Following the screening of our new short films “Footsteps” and “Spaces,” we had the delightful opportunity to hear from a multidisciplinary group of panelists: Musician, Filmmaker and Educator Tatsu Aoki and Author Ethan Michaelli joined yours truly, Psychotherapist Hart Ginsburg, to reflect upon the meaning of sacred space and how we might create them in our daily life. Tatsu spoke of the challenges he faced after emigrating to the US from Japan in trying to find a point of connection with other musicians and artists. He overcame through his creativity, openness and resilience.

Hope to see you next time!

Hart Ginsburg | Digital Tapestries