The Red Latte

This short film is based upon the second book of the trilogy On the Way, entitled The Red Latte, with the intention to provide viewers with an innovative visual and audio experience that is open for interpretation and discovery. The title was conceived as a response to our societal desire to fit into what we perceive as the norm; in contemporary society this could be characterized by walking around with coffee lattes in one hand and our smartphone in the other. The Red Latte is a metaphor for choosing something that is not on the menu, in other words, existential freedom to choose to be unique individuals.

Other life themes are also portrayed, from multicultural relationships to aging, through an abstract haiku inspired narrative to create a meditative journey of contemporary society. A few questions for the viewers to consider are:

Which images strike you? What do they say? And what does the Red Latte metaphor mean to you?


What is your interpretation?