Urban Pace: Spaces
By Hart Ginsburg


In the field of therapy, we often ask: “How do we create a safe or sacred place?” 

The intention of Urban Pace: Spaces is to create a meditative space for readers to reflect and find sacredness in the midst of daily life. In our fast-paced society, therapy is often associated with verbal techniques and analysis. However, equally meaningful is the space between the words that allows nature to partake in restoration. Perhaps as Simon & Garfunkel indicated in “The Sound of Silence,” there is more to silence than the absence of sound; there is, rather, a sacredness that allows the soul to speak. 

We have divided the book into roughly three sections: art response, the photographic narrative Spaces, and an interview with Jeff Levy, a veteran psychotherapist and co-founder of Live Oak, Inc.   

In reading Spaces, it would be optimal to be in a comfortable space, perhaps on a train, plane, or in a cool cafe. On each spread, I would suggest first viewing the imagery and then the text to construct a more personal experience. Finally, to make this process more enriching, you can share your reflections with someone else.

We hope you enjoy your space, 
Hart Ginsburg